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* Costume payments will be done in two installments, and three installments for the older students. The first will be due in September and the second is due in October.

Once costume payments have been made, there will be NO REFUNDS, even if your child withdraws from the studio!

* If your child's costume payments have not been made by December 1st, your costume will NOT be ordered.

* Costumes that are ordered through a costume company are not custom made for each child. We do our best with measurements to determine the best fit for the child.

* We are NOT responsible for any alterations needed on a costume.

* When your child receives their costume, make sure all pieces are accounted for in the costume bag. We are not responsible for the costume after it leaves the studio. This now becomes the parent's responsibility.

Please do not let your child play in his or her costume until after the revue!