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Dress Code

At River Dance Centre, we want our students to be comfortable in dance class.

Options of dance wear include leotards and tights, spandex hot shorts, or capri pants. Fitted tops and tanks are also acceptable (no swimsuits, pantyhose, or school uniforms should be worn).

* Tights are preferred to be worn with leotards.

* Tap shoes should have flat heels for dancers 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old. Seven years old and up need jazz tap shoes.

* Ballet shoes should have an elastic strip and fit snuggly.

* Jazz shoes are required for ages 9 and older.

* Dance shoes should not be worn to and from class.

* All supplies and clothing should be labeled with names! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS!!! (items that are left at the studio will be put in the lost and found bin)

* Do not enter the dance room while class is in progress!

 No gum, food, or drinks will be allowed in either studio room!

* Cover-ups should be worn to and from class. No t-shirts or shorts are to be worn while dancing, unless they are spandex hot shorts.

* It is preferable to have hair pulled back and out of the child's face.

* Any  Class Limited to Ballet Instruction
Must wear leotard (may be of any color) with pink stockings (can be capri length or footed) and pink ballets. Ballet skirts or hot shorts may be worn over leotard. Hair MUST be pulled out of the face (ponytail or bun are acceptable).