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General Rules

 * Students need to arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled classes and are to be promptly picked up at the end of class. If this presents a problem, please call River Dance Centre.  

* Please do not leave unattended vehicles in the semi-circle. This is strictly a pick up and drop off location. If you are not staying inside the studio waiting for your child, please do not park your car in the parking lot due to limited space. You can park in the lot across from the studio or on River Ranch Blvd. 

* The observation window will be open the 3rd full week of each month beginning in October running through February. However, in the month of December we will not have observation due to the Christmas parties. Missed classes can be made up by attending another class time. Please call for other class schedules.

* The goal of our staff is to teach your child proper dance techniques.  If you plan on attending observation week, please keep in mind that this can be very distracting to the students. This makes many students self conscious and uncomfortable knowing that they are being watched.  

* Please refrain from entering the dance room while the teacher is instructing. We need the students to listen to the instructors at this time. Any interruption is very disruptive to the entire class.

* A lost and found bin is provided in the waiting area.

* All students are expected to be on their best behavior in class, and whenever representing River Dance Centre.

* If a child needs to leave class early or will not be able to attend class, please notify our office.

* The policy of River Dance Centre is to place students according to age in classes Primary AM - Beginner. 

* Through years of experience, our teachers have recognized that around ages 7 and above, children begin to mature differently in their dance expression. Due to this fact, we will be placing students based on ability rather than age. We do this in order to maximize your child's dance education in hopes that this will help with self-esteem and alleviate intimidation.